Fatoki Ayowale: The Graduate Who Quit Banking to Sell Akara

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For many young Nigerians, a banking job is a dream come true. But with Fatoki Ayowale, making and selling fries (such as Akara) by the roadside is the path to the attainment of his dreams!


  1. Ayowale says:

    Wow. Beautiful one guys. You rock

  2. Bukola says:

    Am really inspired

  3. Kelechi Duru says:

    Wow, Ayowale Fatoki is certainly an inspiration…

  4. Taiwo Okesola says:

    Bros Ay, you Rock too. #mathematician #entrepreneurs

  5. Aresa Seun says:

    This is amazing!I know him , he graduated from Federal University of Agriculture , Abeokuta .If I’m not making a mistake , he used to sell ties far back when we were on campus .God will bless the business in Jesus name

  6. valentina says:

    Ayowale, I believe in you. This is inspiring……

  7. olabisi says:

    I love this Ayo keep it up : u will make it in jesus name

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