What is Awarewa.tv?

Awarewa.tv- CapeCoast Ghana

What is the world saying about Africa?

Many people are talking about the wars, corruption, under-development, bad leadership...

But while those may be true, they represent a very limited picture of the African story..

Africa is a beautiful continent.

A collection of over 50 countries, 3000 tribes, 2000 languages and obviously, a very rich mix of culture and tradition.

Africa boasts of a different kind of development and sophistication. Little wonder many Western museums have a lot of African art and artefacts.


The Places. The People

Not only is Africa beautiful, Mother Africa boasts of a beautiful assortment of people.

Re-positioning Africa

Awarewa.tv therefore aims to showcase the often ignored, positive stories emerging from continent, and to highlight the beauty / culture of the people.

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